Important information

Where to find legal information about Cuba?

We have wifi hotspot in different places of our capital. Any user can access the connection through the Nauta cards in parks, main streets, shopping centers and hotels. With the low price of 1 CUC per hour. From our rooms you can access the wifi using these cards.

Where to make currency changes?

Currency Exchange Houses (CADECA, as its initials in Spanish)

23 and J
17 e / M and N


23 and J
17 e / M and N
23 e / N and O


23 and J
23 and N
Building Focsa, 17 and M
Line and M
23 and P

Can not get money from your bank card? Unlocking, loss reports, bank card fraud.

First Floor of the Hotel Habana Libre. FINCIMEX company.

How to move around the city?

Local Buses ($ 0.40CUP, Cuban pesos, as initials in Spanish)


Bus stops

23 e / L and J
L e / 23 and 21
G and 23


23 and L
21 and M
L and 21

Local Taxis

21 and O
L and 23
21 e / N and O

Coconut taxi stops. (Agree prices with the driver).

21 and O

Tourist bus in Havana (closest stops)

L and 25
23 and P

Offices to rent a car.

21 e / N and O
21 and O
M e / 23 and 25
19 e / K and J
Line and O

How to travel to other cities in Cuba?

Sale of tickets online, or at INFOTUR or at the Terminal at 26 Avenida, Nuevo Vedado.

Through the buses Connecting Cuba, from the agency Cubanacan, from Hotel Capri, Hotel Nacional de Cuba and Hotel Habana Libre

Collective taxis

Private Taxis

Information agencies for foreigners.

INFOTUR: Hotel Habana Libre, M and 23
Hotel Habana Libre, 23 and L
Hotel Nacional de Cuba, 21 and O
Hotel Capri, 21 and N
Gaviota Group

What are the nearest tourist attractions?

National Hotel of Cuba
The ramp
The Malecon
Coppelia ice cream parlor, 23 and L
Pabellón Cuba, 23 and N (exhibitions, craftworks, concerts)
Paseo Avenue (architecture of big mansions)
Avenue of the Presidents or G (monuments)
Necropolis of Colon, Zapata and 2
Alley of Hamel (rumba, folkloric dances, art)
Square of the Revolution (Monument to Jose Martí)

Where to dance in the places of the house?

Cabaret Parisién, Hotel Nacional de Cuba
Jazz Club: The Fox and the Crow, 23 e / N and O
The One-eyed Cat (feeling), O e / 19 and 17
The Turquino (for dancing), Habana Libre Hotel
The White Peak (for dancing), Hotel Saint John
The Grotto, 23 and N
The Red Room, Hotel Capri, 21 and N

Where to buy Cuban music and souvenirs?


23 and L


Craft Fair, 23 and m.

Museums around the house

Napoleonic Museum, San Miguel and Mazón
Dance Museum, Line Street and G
Museum of Decorative Arts, 17 and D

Where to buy books in the house?

L and 27
25 and O

Recommendations for restaurants, cafeterias and paladares (local restaurants)?

Café Laurent, M e / 21 and 19 (palate fusion / author)
La Moraleja, 25 and K (palate fusion / author)
PP’Teppanyaki, Japanese food, 21 and M (palate)
Los Amigos, Cuban food, M and 19 (palate)
The Kitchen of Esteban, 21 and L (palate)
La Roca, 21 and M
La Torre, Focsa Building (viewpoint), gourmet, 17 and M
The Casona of 17, 17 and M, barbecue, specialized in chicken
The Bunny, M and 17, specialized in rabbits
President, G and 25 Cafeteria